Since 2005, MCF has improved the living standards in the Gawair slum area and created programs to empower children and adults through education. MCF has proven that with good quality education, the list of opportunities is endless.

School & College Program

The Foundation has identified a school in Bangladesh that meet our requirements of high quality education and good value for money. It is most important that our children get the best start possible and continue through an education, which prepares them to be able to compete internationally for university and careers.

Our children attend the Cambrian School and College. This school has been selected for their high quality standards and their dedication to develop each student at an individual level depending on their needs.

MCF currently has 124 students registered in this schools and we are constantly seeking funding to cover the costs.

School Meals and Transport Program

We do our best to provide school meals and transport to our students. These costs are not included in the school fees, so we do additional fundraising to cover these costs. 

More than 50% of our students can’t afford breakfast and this means they are constantly hungry and thinking about food. We have found that when students can have meals at school, the attendance goes up. Teachers have reported that students perform better and are much more alert once they have had a meal. The cost of a meal 6 times a week per student is only $3.30. 

Similarly, transport to school is an additional cost to us. The streets of Dhaka are chaotic and often dangerous, especially for the youngest children. When students can take a bus to school, they get to school safely and on time. Unfortunately most of our families are not able to pay for transport to school, so children end up walking or not going at all. The cost of school buses for all our children for two months is $2,200. 

If you’d like to make a contribution to meals or transport, please get in touch.

Adult Education Program

We don’t currently have a formal adults education programme. However, the parents of the children are able to occasionally take part in English courses taught by volunteers and our older students. The objective here is to educate the adults from the same families whose children we are educating. This becomes part of our employment program, where we help employable adults find ethical job opportunities. . Home staging . chiropractic massage tampa . click for source