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We rely on the help of volunteers to make sure every donation will make a deep impact for the community. We are based in Dubai and welcome anyone with a valuable skill to help us. Please get in touch with us explaining why you want to volunteer and what skills you are offering. Please read the advice below before contacting us.

We are not recruiting. We are grateful to all volunteers, but regret that we are not in a position to expand our team.

We would ideally like volunteers to make a regular contribution. We currently need help with web design, graphic design, grant and proposal writing, administration.

Do not donate your second-hand goods. It is difficult to distribute goods equally in the slums and they are hardly ever what is actually needed by our families. It is easier and much cheaper for us to procure goods locally and distribute based on the need in Bangladesh. We suggest that instead of giving away things you no longer need, sell them and donate the money towards the school fees of our children. 

Donate toiletries. We need lice shampoo, tooth paste, tooth brushes, soap, toilet paper, deodorant, lady pads etc. Only donate those if you can find a way to deliver them to Bangladesh.

Make a donation. What is most needed by our children and their families now is funds to pay for school fees. Donate what you can.

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