Tipu Sultan

Tipu Sultan is 23 years old. He works in a 5 star hotel at Dubai Airport and is set to become the housekeeping supervisor in the next few months.

“I will try my best to become the assistant director of housekeeping in 5 years’ time. I am doing training courses so that I get more knowledge about the hospitality industry.

I want to go back to Bangladesh eventually, but before that I have a lot of things to do. I want to collect enough money to build a house, get an education certificate and open my own business in hospitality.

Living in Dubai changed me and my life. Before I came here there was not much to say about my life. I had limitations. My parents are not educated and could not earn much money. Sometimes I can’t even recognise myself anymore. I can now speak in front of everyone, I don’t feel shy and I have the courage to ask questions.

I learn new things every day and meet interesting people. I work long hours and it can be stressful, but I have to keep going to support my parents and my younger sister, who is now in grade 10.”

A job is never just a job. We never know the dreams and aspirations of those we see around us when travelling and staying in hotels before we stop and ask.