Rubel Rahman

Rubel Rahman (23) arrived in Dubai nearly 5 years ago to work as an office assistant in Media City. His inspiration for the move resonates throughout the Dubai Bangladeshi community – to make a change in his and his family’s life.

“My family sacrificed so much for me, so now it is time for me to give back. I would like to see them become a middle class family.”

Rubel’s parents, his two brothers and sister have all managed to move out of the slum and back to their home town thanks to Rubel’s financial support. His parents are small-scale farmers and grow their own food. Rubel is clearly pleased that his efforts have enables his parents to retire where they feel most comfortable.

His life in Dubai is far from the glamour and riches that are often associated with Dubai. Yet, it is a world away from the life he had living in the overcrowded, dirty and dangerous slum, where opportunities for a better life come by rarely. Rubel shares a room with 8 other men. Still, these conditions are not as cramped as most households in the slums.

Rubel is happy with his life. He likes his job and is hoping for a promotion soon. He even enjoys him commute to work, which he spends reading and listening to music. His dream is to open his own handyman business in Dubai and be his own boss. He would employ his talented friends from Dhaka to come and fix things in Dubai.

Rubel is thankful to the supporters of Maria Cristina Foundation, who have helped change so many lives, including his.

“Thanks to you I am here today and I am what I am.”