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Histórias de sucesso

Histórias de sucesso

Shewly Akter

“Eu posso sonhar grande e viver meu sonho só por causa de você e este” você “é diferente de Maria Conceição nenhum – meu anjo e mentor para a vida. Obrigado Maria
Shewly’s Story

Milon Mia

“A primeira vez que eu conheci Maria vi esperança e um futuro melhor para mim e minha família – Maria mostrou-me esperança e me levou para um futuro melhor do que eu poderia ter imaginado.”
Milon’s Story

Alamin Khan

“The Dhaka Project literally gave us wings to fly; it allowed us to dare to dream and gave us hope for a promising future,” adds Alamin. “Maria has shown us the way to grow and taught us that no dream is impossible to achieve. I now dream of investing in my dad’s business and make it grow, helping him fulfill a long-cherished dream.”
Alamin’s Story

Rabin Hossain

“I was responsible to take care of my family and it was impossible for me to continue with my education for this reason. After I met Maria, I was able t admit to her the problems I was facing at home with my family and the responsibilities I was forced to take. She started to help me by giving me food, medicine, clothes, shoes and other necessities that are considered basic in a western world.”
Rabin’s Story

Rubel Rahman

Today, Rubel Rahman is Office Assistant at Asdaa in Dubai Media City. “I am eternally grateful to Maria and the MCF for plucking me from abject poverty and bringing about a lasting change in my life,” he says. “As a child, I did not know what it was to dream; I had accepted my life the way it was. But today, MCF has given me the wings to dream of a future held with promise.”
Rubel’s Story

Sumon Azad

“We are small birds who have been given the chance to fly. Maria is my hero. She brought the first ray of hope into my life when there were none. I constantly look to her for inspiration and this school is just a small attempt to pay back for the remarkable benefits I have gained thanks to her tireless efforts.”
Sumon’s Story

Mohammad Alaluddin

Former rickshaw puller from Bangladesh who supported his family on barely Dh5 a day, Mohammad Alaluddin’s life changed when he landed a job in Dubai. Eager to help others, he has built a school that offers free education, food and clothes to slum children.

“For the first time in our lives, my family and I were able to enjoy four meals a day and could sleep on proper beds.”
Mr. Alal’s Story

Salendar Kumar

“I am so happy to get this opportunity and come to Dubai to work. I can’t believe I have a job at Emirates Airlines. This is more than I dreamt I could ever achieve in my life!”
Salendar’s Story

Abul Kalam Azad

Abdul Kalam Azad
“I am very happy now; I work for a great company; my son has also found employment in Dubai thanks to the efforts of the Maria Cristina Foundation; and I finally have the means to fulfill the wishes of my children.”
Azad’s Story


“She has completely changed my life by bringing me to Dubai and helping me find a decent job that allows me to manage my family. My dream on eday is to become a taxi driver in Dubai as now I finally have my driver’s license.”
Mohammad’s Story


“Maria as a thank you gesture for helping her educating her children and for being so dedicated selected me to come to Dubai and helped me to get an awesome job which has helped me to send contributions to my family who are still in Bangladesh.”
Mir’s Story