28-year old Kajel worked as a driver in Dhaka for 9 years. He only had a driving license for 5 of those years: “In Bangladesh, we don’t need a license. No problem!”

“I was naughty when I was a child. I only went to school till grade 3 and only knew A,B,C when I met Maria 11 years ago. Sometimes I think about what I was and what I am now…”

Kajel got a job with the Emirates flight catering in 2012 with the help of Maria Cristina Foundation. He enjoys life in Dubai and is proud to be able to help his father pay off a loan he took 15 years ago. However, Kajel is most proud of his sister Lily, who is studying in grade 11 in Bangladesh and is set to graduate next year. “My biggest dream is to make sure Lily finishes her studies and gets a good job. She wants to be a pilot. We can work at Emirates together!”

“I learned to cook here in Dubai. I had to become much more independent than I was back home. I have no mother, sister or wife to cook for me here…and I actually like it. I mostly cook rice and vegetables, and mutton when I get paid. On my days off I sometimes play cricket or go out walking with the friends I have made here.”

“The most surprising thing about Dubai? There is no traffic compared to Dhaka!”