Shohag’s Family

Shohag’s Family

Shohag (19) and his mother Shofura run a popular tea shop in the streets of Gawair. Shofura takes care of the teastall during the day and Shohag takes over in the evenings. He often does his homework while making cups of tea.

The father left the family years ago. He lives in the area with his new family and Shohag has been trying to rekindle the relationship, but it is proving difficult.

Shohag’s older sister Shajia and her two sons Mohibulla (10) and Sharifulla (8) live with the family. The boys are studying at the same school as Shohag. Shajia’s husband died in a truck accident 8 years ago. She bring some extra income into the family by working at a local bank as a cleaner.

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