Sadia’s Family

Sadia’s Family

Sadia is 12 years old and lives with her mother Fatima. Her mother is about 50 years old and works as a maid. She is deaf in her left ear, but can’t afford a hearing aid.

Before Sadia was born, her mother had two boys, who tragically died of starvation. This was the main reason the family moved to Dhaka in the hopes of finding a better life in the city. Many of our community members have sad stories, which made them travel to Dhaka, but only a handful have found the fortune they were looking for.

Sadia does have an older brother – Vipon. He is married and lives separately from Sadia and her mother. He has a job as a painter, but is not helping the family. Traditionally, the husband is required to concentrate all his efforts on helping his wife’s family.

The rent for their 1 room house is $30 a month.

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