Ramim’s Family

Ramim’s Family

The Kazi family shares two small rooms between 5 people. The mother Salma Begum is a housewife and does not earn money. The father married another woman 3 years ago. He still lives in the area, but doesn’t help the family.

Rajon (23) is the oldest brother and works as an electrician and is the main breadwinner of the family. Ramim, who has been with the Maria Cristina Foundation since he was a little boy, is now 19 years old and studying in the 11th grade. He says he sometimes sees his father on the streets, but doesn’t talk to him.

They have 10-year old sister Farjana, who is in 2nd grade. Their cousin, who is a garments worker, also lives with the family and helps them out.

The mother is poorly due to injuries she endured from physical abuse from her husband. She sometimes seeks help from traditional healers in her village.

Rajon earns about $75 per month. The rent cost is $50 and the family spends approximately $70 for food every month.

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