Kolpona’s Family

Kolpona’s Family

The Islams is a family of four. They live in a makeshift shack, which consists of a room separated in two by a piece of furniture. There is no floor, the walls are made of this sheets of asbestos and the sole light bulb hanging from the ceiling provides enough light to lure in the mosquitoes, but not enough for the children to comfortably do their homework.

Kolpona, who is studying in 10th grade says: “I know this house is not a good place for us. Mostly because of the darkness.” She is a lovely girl, who loves to talk. She has a sadness in her eyes, but always a smile on her lips. She certainly has the will power and determinacy to build a better life for herself and her family.

Her father died a couple of years ago. They think it was because of asthma, but it could have been another respiratory disease. They couldn’t afford to go to a doctor. Kolpona’s mother Shamirun is a housewife and takes care of Irfan, who is 8 years old and goes to a local school.

The oldest son of the family – Shamiul – is 23 years old. He is in his second year at university, studying business administration. He also has a part-time job at a mobile network provider shop at the airport. He is the only breadwinner at the moment, so he is doing his best to give time to his studies and his job.

The rent for the family’s home is $25 a month.

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