Alamin’s Family

Alamin’s Family

Alamin (16) is in 10th grade. He lives in a one-room house with his mother Shokina Begum, who is about 40 years old.

Alamin’s father disappeared a year ago. The family suspects he had Alzheimer’s disease, because he often forgot who and where he was. Ever since his disappearance Alamin and his mother have been struggling to get by. It is not easy to be a single mother in a very traditional society, which the slums in Dhaka are.

His mother works every day as a maid, but her salary is not very good – she makes about $50 a month. Their rent is $40 a month, which leaves very little for anything else. Their house is very humble, but in good condition.

Alamin often goes to school without eating breakfast. He walks as he is not able to afford the $0.80 a day for a rickshaw to get to school and back. Yet Alamin is extremely curious, enthusiastic and eager to learn. He loves finding out about new places and people. He wants to be a businessman and help his mother after he finishes school.

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