Anonnya Akter

19-year old Anonnya Akter is one of the many of our students, who was sent to live with relatives in Dhaka when she was very young. Her parents, who still live in the village, could not see any viable options to make her life a success in their tiny restrictive community. Besides, small-scale farming was not the future they wished for Anonnya.

“Of course I was scared to come to the capital without my parents as a young child. But we in Bangladesh have very big families, who take care of each other. I was lucky, because my uncle’s family lived in Dhaka and offered to take me in and treat me as one of their own children. Later, my grandparents also moved here from the village. I think they miss the beautiful nature and the silence of the village, but they never complain about anything. My grandmother helps my auntie take care of the house and her two little children and my grandfather is a shop-keeper not far from our home.”

Anonnya successfully graduated from high school this summer, but this young ambitious lady is aspiring much higher than high school.

“I want to study Business Administration and open my own garments factory. I know we already have so many garments factories in my country, but mine will be different. I want to implement some innovative processes to reduce the waste from production and also give much more attention to the conditions of the workers in my factory. Garments is a big industry here and it gives people jobs. I want to make sure they continue to have jobs, but with better pay and conditions. You hear about factories collapsing so often – this makes me sad and I want to change it. People need to work, but nobody deserves to die while working.”

Anonnya is indeed a very bright lady and we are so proud of what she has already achieved. A girl from a small Bangladeshi village, from a farming family, graduating from one of the top schools in the country is not something to disregard. We are excited to see what the future has in store for Anonnya and as always, are so grateful to all our supporters for helping us lift children out of poverty, one at a time.