Alamin Khan

It was a father’s dream of seeing his children enjoy a better quality of education and learn to speak English that saw Alamin Khan and his siblings enter the portals of the school set up by the Dhaka Foundation in Dhaka.

“When I was growing up, my father had a small business that was just about sufficient for our livelihood,” says 22-year-old Alamin.  “His couldn’t expand his garment trading set up as he never had enough to reinvest in the business.

“My father got to know of the school through other parents who lived in the slums with us. He believed that as the school was run by a foreign charity organization, the quality of teaching would be excellent and that a sound education would secure our future. In addition, there was the added advantage of free education, free food and supply of essential medicines.”

Alamin went on to complete his schooling at the school, and later volunteered to teach adults at The Catalyst in spoken English. “This was an immense learning experience for me, as I not only improved my vocabulary and English speaking skills but also gained tremendous confidence in speaking and interacting with others.”

He believes it was this stint at The Catalyst that enabled him to get through the interview with the Emirates Group and move to Dubai where he currently works as Cargo Handling Assistant at Emirates Sky Cargo. “Flying to Dubai was the greatest adventure of my life,” he says. “I had never ventured beyond the city I grew up in; and coming to Dubai was a dream come true!”

“Before I got here, I prayed to get a nice job so that I could provide a nice future for my brothers and sister. I never did expect to earn what I am earning now; it was beyond my wildest expectations. But, thanks to that, I have been able to provide for my parents and my siblings and my plan now is to bring my brother to Dubai and help him get a job here.

“The Dhaka Project literally gave us wings to fly; it allowed us to dare to dream and gave us hope for a promising future,” adds Alamin. “Maria has shown us the way to grow and taught us that no dream is impossible to achieve. I now dream of investing in my dad’s business and make it grow, helping him fulfill a long-cherished dream.”