Abul Kalam Azad

Abul Kalam Azad believes he is about 38 years old. He arrived in Dubai 6 years ago to take on a job as a wheelchair assistant at Emirates. “An Emirates cabin crew, who was volunteering in Dhaka, once told me that Emirates is a good workplace, so I started to learn English to get the job. It took me 3 years with the help of Maria Cristina Foundation.”

When Mr. Azad lived in Dhaka, he worked at a garments factory with his wife like so many other Bangladeshis. He comes from the Southern city of Chittagong, where he used to work as a bell boy at a hotel.

“My wife is very happy that I am in Dubai, because now we have money. Sometimes she tells me to come back to Bangladesh. I also miss her very much. We got married in 1991 when I was 13 years old and we have 3 children.

It is a happy time when I go home. My younger daughter is very curious, she wants to visit Dubai and see what it’s like here.”

Mr. Azad says he has a lot of expenses: presents for wife and kids, materials to build a house in Dhaka and school fees for his children. But he works hard and saves a lot, so he can look after his family with pride.

Next time you are rushing through DXB or any other airport, take time to notice those who are there to help you. Many have loving families and fascinating life stories.


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