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Please note that due to the high volume of enquiries we receive, we cannot respond to questions sent to us that are addressed in the FAQ section.

Our Programs

School & College Program

The foundation has identified schools in Bangladesh that meet our requirements of high quality education standards and good value for money. It is most important that our children get the best start possible and continue through an education which prepares them all round to be able to compete internationally for university and careers.

From KG1 to Grade 7 our children attend Ma Haad School in Dhaka, Grade 8 to 10 Cambrian College and 11 and 12 Milestone College. These schools and colleges have been selected for their high quality standards and their dedication to develop each student at an individual level depending on their needs.

MCF currently has over 200 students registered in these schools and are constantly seeking funding to cover the costs.

Adult Education Program

We currently have over 50 adults from the slums of Dhaka studying under the MCF English program. The objective here is to educate the adults from the same families whose children we are educating. This becomes part of our employment program where we then bring employable adults to the Gulf countries, prepare them for local employment and try to find suitable placements for them.

This program provides opportunities for these adults to earn in excess of 30 times more salary than they could earn in their own country.

It immediately making the family self sufficient and able to support their own children through school.

Family Support Program

We have several sad cases of single mother families or permanently disabled adults who have no potential to earn an income. But we are still determined to provide an education for their children; if we can give that one-generation a chance to escape poverty it can determine the fate of all future generations.

Generally the support requirement for these families are food packages which cost in the region of USD15 per person per month, sometimes help with house rent usually in the region of USD60 per month for a family, we also provide the occasional medical support.

Medical Support Program

Poor hygiene, lack of education and poor diet have contributed to the illnesses among the slum dwellers. From the beginning of the program Maria Conceicao emphasised on the importance of good health. She helped several people recover from serious illnesses by funding their treatments and medication. Back in 2005, over 650 children and adults were vaccinated against harmful diseases.

Until today, all emergency medical cases are addressed by MCF. The foundation also supports in medical supplies needed by families. The 200 children studying in the schools also have free dental and eye checkups throughout the year.


“By bringing children and adults from the slums of Bangladesh to the United Arab Emirates through the sponsorship of visas, I am delighted to be able to help the Maria Cristina Foundation improve the lives of so many.”

Our Sponsors

Maria Conceicao is under the sponsorship of Nama Development Enterprises. Which means 100% of your donations go towards the cause. We as a foundation do not collect funds on behalf of the children, we are merely the facilitator and administrator for our programs.

We always insist that donations are directly benefitted to our recipients usually in the form of paying the education fees directly to the schools that they are enrolled in. To know more about how to donate, click here.

MCF is registered in US and granted 501(c)(3). We are also registered in UK, our UK registration number is 1140670.